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♬ SixTONES - All members - (Kouchi bias).
♬ Travis Japan - All members
♬ MADE - All members / solo works

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▼△▼△▼ SixTONES ▼△▼△▼
QLAP January 2019
Kyomoto Taiga - Nikkan Sports Translation
FLIX - April 2019 [incomplete]
Concert goods produce: KY GAME card translation
TV Guide Alpha Vol.20 April 2019

▼△▼△▼ LYRICS ▼△▼△▼

Musical Haruto - Candle ENG translation
SixTONES Hikaru Kizashi ENG translation
Travis Japan Talk it Make it ENG translation

♬ SixTONES - In Yokohama arena backstage [30/03/2018]
♬ SixTONES - KY GAME [05/10/2018]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Makeup from memory [11/04/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Lock Lock 1/2 speed [25/04/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Summer CM commercial [29/04/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Find the Golden Nakamura in Yomiuri Land! [02/05/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Dinner in Shimokitazawa [16/05/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - VOLCANO [23/05/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Orangina 100 CM [13/06/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Finding Matsukura in Tokyo [20/06/2019]
♬ TRAVIS JAPAN - Mission solving in the aquarium [29/08/2019] (eng subs still needs approving)

【SIXTONES】「TV Guide Alpha - Episode T Vol.20 / 2019 April 」

Interview: Jesse, Kouchi, Hokuto talk.
Magazine: 2019 april Tv Guide Alpha, Cover: Yamashita Tomohisa
Disclaimer: I'm still learning Japanese so there may be some mistakes, please politely leave me a comment with changes that can be made~ Thank you!! (It helps me improve too)

Hm..What would we like to be like... When people think of comparing this we want them to think of our name.
We want SixTONES to slowly be able to do things that are 'SixTONES style' (Our own thing).


[Read Here]
The change from last year's 'Johnnys Jr Matsuri' that occured in Yokohama Arena on the 21st and 23rd of March, to the title of the new concert 'CHANGE THE ERA 20ix' which is a leading path for Johnny's JR. You can feel the momentum that is SixTONES. SixTONES will also be holding concerts next month at the Osaka castle hall on the 1st, which is their formation date, and on the 2nd.

SixTONES rush in to their 5th year as a group on May 1st. With the rapidly changing environment what do they feel about 'Tomorrow'? Just before their solo concert 'CHANGE THE ERA 20ix' which is to be held at Yokohama Arena, we heard from 3 members of the group, Jesse, Hokuto Matsumura and Yugo Kouchi.
First of all now that Kansai collection is over, please tell us all about the new songs that you performed.

♬JESSE: We were especially nervous to be 'secret guests' at such a big venue, but we were really happy to see everyone accepted us warmly. We made the new song especially for Kansai Collection. We chose the song ourselves and decided on making it a 'colourful bright song' since we haven't had a similar song like that before.

♬YUGO: Yeah, it was decided that we would be fashionable and would make a song that gives an excited feeling.

♬JESSE: When the new song was introduced and shown, the song name was misunderstood and then transmitted incorrectly (LOL).

♬HOKUTO: The correct answer is '"Laugh" in the Life', it's meaning is something like to be able to laugh everyday. (enjoy everyday).

♬JESSE: Juri (Tanaka), tried to introduce the song as a bright song with admiration (Aorete akarui), but I guess the title was misunderstood because he introduced it like that (LOL).

♬YUGO: 'Konohoshi no hikari' is a song that can be enjoyed together with the audience right?.. but since some of the audience are seeing us for the first time at Kansai collection, we wanted to make a song that had a more natural sound and rhythm to it, to give a nostalgic feeling that can be easily enjoyed.

♬HOKUTO: There was an aim of wanting to move together with the fans. Isn't it great if the fans could do something such as clapping or chants. The audience were really able to help us out as the song became more exciting than what we were aiming for. We also wanted a new costume and to make something that we could present at Yoko Ari too, but because the timing was so close to Kansai Collection, we also presented the new costume there.

♬JESSE: It was such a nice feeling to have a colour chosen for us that wasn't a primary colour such as red, blue or yellow, We were glad that they turned out so nice.

——— What kind of feelings do you feel in advance (time of the interview) in regards to the solo concert at Yokohama Arena?

♬YUGO: Last year there was only one show but I kept thinking that I want to do something more for the audience to stop them from getting bored, by having a lot to do this year. I'm still worried about my physical strength though (LOL). I think that I want to put the SixTONES likeness out in full swing and make it fun since there are also a lot of fans from YOUTUBE who are watching for the first time.

♬HOKUTO: I think it will be a live show that we can show our individuality more! The solo's this time have a more evolved feeling, I honestly think that Jesse's ballads are really good. After the opening, there are a lot of things that we have to properly take care of and remember. We also have a tall tower like stage set that covers a big area.

♬JESSE: We all have a lot of things that we want to try, for example having good form in choreography. Our most important goal is that we want Takizawa (Hideaki)-Kun to come see the whole of our performance.

♬YUGO: At first we thought of what we want to be on the setlist than we sent it out for approval.

♬HOKUTO: But we really are feeling greedy with the current situation, isn't it great that something like this is happening to us. By doing this it is such a new feeling for us.

♬JESSE: Because each year we don't get to do a lot of lives, there really is a feeling of wanting something to do!

♬YUGO: Yes Yes!!, Moreover because there are certain mechanisms (stages) that can only be done in a large venue such as YokoAri, if we want to do this or that and it's not possible this time. Next time we want to be asked to do it and save it for next time (LOL).

♬HOKUTO: But by taking these steps, I think that we were able to make it stand out and be a more noticeable stage. We're anxious about ourselves, whether we can pull this off, but we're trying to elaborate our techniques and improve.

——— The Osaka performance will be a different feeling from Yokohama Arena because it is a performance on the day of your groups formation. Are there any highlights that we can look forward to?

♬JESSE: For now I haven't considered anything at all

♬YUGO: Rather than thinking about Osaka right now, I'm fully focusing on YokoAri, though you may see some changes from that.

♬HOKUTO: The audience in Tokyo and Osaka will have different reactions to our performance, Isn't that fun to look forward to?

♬YUGO: At the time of the live, for example there are news item that are only available in the Tokyo area but not in the Kansai area (LOL).

♬HOKUTO: When we head to the west, Kouchi will definitely be bullied by the audience (LOL). I am anxious about whether jesse will be seen as funny by people in the west. Because I have counted on that many times.

♬JESSE: Absolutely count on me!!

♬YUGO: From the 1st of May there will be a new Era name, I wonder what it will be. I think that if it's 'Stones'(石 Ishi) that is entered then wont 'SixTONES'(stones) win!?

♬HOKUTO: Things like 'Stones'(石 Ishi), Sound(音 Oto), Treasure (宝 Takara) or Egg (玉 Tama)

♬JESSE: Something like 'to play' (Jesse uses a pun here and uses the play meant for musical instruments)

♬YUGO: I feel like if we entered this it would be recognised and accepted by the whole country...that sort of feeling...(LOL).

♬JESSE: hey, if you're friends with people at the top of this country, tell them that "Jesse is a good guy so let him enter a name for the new era~~"

♬YUGO: "Do it to improve the US and Japan relations~~" ... no way right!! (LOL!!).

——— What kind of moments do you realise and compare your relations between the six people, has the feeling of unity increased compared to the beginning at your formation? What kind of desires do you have for the future?

♬JESSE: It seems like there is good nature and our communication has increased because there are many good results that are showing. The reason is because six people selected for the drama 'Bakaleya shiritsu koukou' (2012) have experienced being separated and then gathered again and can now stand together on a stage at YokoAri. It's because we have that story.

♬HOKUTO: At the time of King and prince's debut, were there feelings of confusion?? I don't think there was a feeling such as 'that's too bad'. That's because there is a unified will between us all.

♬JESSE: Isn't the timing good though?~~ Because of it we had the success of 'Shounentachi' and from then we could make a film!!

♬HOKUTO: There's a lot of people who think of us as lucky.

♬JESSE: Because we haven't debuted yet, for example, we were able to appeal to the world because we were chosen for the YouTube campaign, because right now everything is being considered a positive.

♬YUGO: When it comes to cohesion, I think that we've been really quick to do that. Even if we've been in a meeting for less than 10 seconds, there will be things such as "We're gonna bully Kouchi" here.

♬HOKUTO: The flow of things are done quite well. The common thing to do first is say something to Kouchi, such as 'Thats wrong!!' after that Jesse will follow up, and finally when I join in, it seems like everyone says nothing, it's like a one pack to the point. I also started that thing on youtube where we put out our chin and tried to say 'Sa shi su se so' .. it's that kind of flow (LOL).

♬YUGO: There is right~~ Even when we're in a moving car there's also those kind of things too. Also Jesse's one-of-a-kind gags or even when he slips, You do those kind of things in front of the camera!? I actually often think that they're seriously so funny! (LOL)

♬HOKUTO: The day after, for example we all feel a little uneasy about the contents of our variety show, especially what kind of 'Jesse comments' will be shown (LOL). I think it's because I've become an adult that our feelings have started to change, but it's actually a naturally created atmosphere. It isn't a forced one, it's because of this unity that we've been able to create it.

♬JESSE: Right~~~ it's the same as a plant!!

♬YUGO-HOKUTO: A plant????

♬JESSE: Eh? don't you think it's the same as growing up like this?

♬HOKUTO: Are there many people who grow plants though??

♬JESSE: No, let's make 3 branches of the tree here.... We can do that~ can't we?

♬HOKUTO: I understand, thats a nice way to say it~. We can also say we're like grass that grows between the concrete that becomes healthy and strong.

♬JESSE: That's nice!! (Said while giving a thumbs up to Hokuto) (いいね iine, is a new favourite saying by jesse)

♬HOKUTO: You're giving me two thumbs up? (two iine's) (LOL)

——— Between you three, has there been any change in your relationship lately?

♬HOKUTO: Things have really become so much more interesting now that Jesse talks a lot. So I feel like everyone feels like their relationship with Jesse has changed.

♬YUGO: At the time of the formation, Jesse told me "get hokuto to speak". However, in the end it was Jesse who talked the most, and had the feeling of being the most loud. I thought that when he became 20 he would shut up but he actually just became more noisy at 20 years old (LOL!!)

♬HOKUTO: From there on for Jesse it sort of became like a complete twist. On variety shows he became able to show various talents such as creating impersonations of talents and good at talking, at this point I thought ah.. I should probably start to talk more. I thought that for our group image having a 'center' to be like Kamenashi Kazuya-kun or Yamashita Tomoshisa-kun would be good. However, you know Jesse has become seriously cool. Honestly speaking Jesse is able to continue to play without hesitation and for that I think we can all agree that we are grateful and thankful to jesse. Because we have Jesse I have nothing to be worried about.

♬YUGO: It really is like that!!

♬HOKUTO: Actually just before he turned 20 Jesse said to me "I want to be like Hokuto!, I want to become more cool".

♬YUGO: Say "read more books" (LOL)

♬HOKUTO: I bet by now everyone wants us to stop talking and wants Jesse to talk, so let's stop!!
After all that you know I'm watching you and it seems like the next time he will calm down will be at 25 years old.


♬HOKUTO: Jesse really hasn't spoken much you know. I feel like we talked a lot and us two were able to properly convey the feelings of the members like adults.

♬JESSE: It might be a good idea to communicate with each other and tell Johnny-san and Takizawa-kun. Hokuto is a more cheerful person (became bright) than in the past and also Kouchi has become a person who I can tease easily. He hated it but he's become a person who can just shake it off.

♬YUGO: That's because I have my pride you know (LOL)

♬JESSE: He also has the side that he acts like a local idiot.

♬YUGO: Right, learn how to be a local idiot with SixTONES.

♬JESSE: AHAHAHAHA, Oi you! I wonder what kind of teasing should we think about showing~~

♬YUGO: Before long I realised I was in a good and comfortable position. I thought actually isn't this nice. I found myself thinking that if it weren't for SixTONES who are so accepting and easy to relax around, I would have stayed a person with too much pride and would be unforgiving to anyone but them.

———————————— We want to be a strong presence with the goal of getting our debut! ————————————

——— When you enter your 5th year as a group, are there any changes to your goals of getting a CD Debut?

♬JESSE: Of course! I think that without a CD debut we really can't reach out in to the world.

♬HOKUTO: I feel as if many people will be delighted, also realistically speaking there will be more jobs that we can do. There are a lot of people who won't acknowledge us as professionals because we don't have a CD Debut, but I want to hurry and overcome that feeling.

♬YUGO: We have a lot of brother like groups in Johnny's Jr, who like us are getting older in age. However, in Johnny's CD Debut has a lot of meaning as it is the recognition of being a talent, so for us, aiming for that goal will not change.

♬JESSE: Without a CD Debut there really is nothing that we can use to introduce ourselves with. Things like business cards are different to this.

♬YUGO: Also I think it's really great we had 'YouTube Fanfest'

♬JESSE: I really couldn't return anything, even though I got a CD from Kobukuro-san, so I answered "We're doing youtube!". After that I really wanted to sing our songs at Karaoke. My friends have also said to me "You've got an MV out right? you can now sing your songs at karaoke!" (LOL)

♬HOKUTO: Regarding Debut, it's the fans who are asking for it the most, so we absolutely have to respond to it. That's also a huge reason as to why we really want to debut.

♬YUGO: Although we have not had a CD Debut yet, we are still allowed to put out various things. It really is an interesting time for Jr's.. although I still want SixTONES to break the common view of Jrs.

♬JESSE: Now if we get our CD Debut and continue to do YouTube, we seriously will be the strongest right! (LOL)

——— From now on, what kind of existence do you want to have? (meaning group image and presence)

♬JESSE: I think right now in Johnnys, the royal (best) path would be to be like 'Arashi' or 'Sexy Zone' but it would be nice if one day SixTONES could be seen as a group like that.

♬YUGO: What do we want to be like....It would be nice if we could get our own name out there. For example KAT-TUN-san has a huge impact on the world. It may be selfish to say but it would be nice if SixTONES could produce so much more and become strong in the world too. I think with the things we can do, they are shown on youtube, where people can learn about the gap between ourselves and our performances.

♬JESSE: I think for male idols there is already a strong association to be cute and sparkly. I think sometimes it can be a little difficult for males to say that they like idols (johnnys). So it would be really interesting if SixTONES could somehow be the change of that.

♬HOKUTO: We also want to keep creating concerts that can be enjoyed by both males and females, for example changing our setlists or our MC's seems like a lot of fun~~

——— At current you are in a position of where you never know what could happen tomorrow, do you enjoy this feeling?

♬JESSE: Since the second half of last year there have been so many new opportunities, such as being on the cover of magazines. Of course without doubt I'm sure that the fans as well as ourselves are enjoying the release of new things!

♬YUGO: Since I was small, I'm used to not knowing what tomorrows schedule may be. "Tomorrow, Can you come here?", I was unwilling to refuse so I couldn't plan trips with friends and things like that. So right now, it is really nice to have some sort of a stable schedule and know what will be set for the day and the day after.

♬JESSE: It's kind of scary to want to take a break now

♬HOKUTO: If there's nothing going on, we try rehearsing, that kind of feeling has become natural to us. Even though I often don't talk to my friends, they often tell me "I'm looking forward to your things".

——— In the group, which members are properly prepared to face tomorrow?

♬JESSE: Since I go to bed during the early hours of the morning, I often wear something that I can just get straight out of bed and wear outside. For example, a jersey or something like that.

♬HOKUTO: When going to bed, I just forget about my clothes for tomorrow (LOL). I can't decide what to wear the day before so I'll properly decide when I wake up.

♬YUGO: Aren't Juri and Hokuto always coming last minute. By the way Jesse is always early.

——— If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you like to do?

♬HOKUTO: I wonder... for example I want to achieve all of my desires.

♬YUGO: That's right.. I think I would love to answer and talk to everyone.

♬JESSE: Certainly (LOL), I want to be able to laugh right up to the second of where I die. That's all I want to do.

[LYRICS] Musical Haruto - Candle english translation

This song is one of my favourites from Kyomoto's musical HARUTO. I decided to translate it in to English.
This song is a song dedicated to Haruto's mother who has passed away and Haruto is dealing with her death.
Please note this isn't 100% correct.


You taught me you are not alone,
You are here in the fragrance of flowers,
If that's all then it's okay,
The candle flames flicker,
A cherished love dearly,
As that day comes to mind,
Even the light of the candle keeps piling on memories,
I'm enveloped in kindness that shines within my heart,

Everytime you smile while drawing is my solitude,
The warmth of our hands tied, still remains,
If that's all then it's okay,
In the lonely solitude it's like a candles fire,
The love I felt was certain,
Until the lights flame flickers and disappears, stay by my side,
I'll cuddle closer to your distant image,

I will stay by your side until the candle disappears,
But then loneliness will revive.

【SixTONES】「Kyomoto Taiga - Nikkan Sports newspaper translation 16.02.2019」

Note: Please note I am still learning Japanese and it isn't 100% correct. If you find any mistakes please let me know ^^ It helps me to learn as well. Thank you so much!

Kyomoto Taiga Interview:
Title: SixTONES contributing songs to the world, Kyomoto Taigas speech.

This weeks feature is Kyomoto Taiga(24 years old) from the Jr group called SixTONES.
From the 7th of March he will be the main star, starring in 'Musical Haruto'. Also he will appear in the movie 'Shounentachi' (First showing 29th of March 2019). Although he is a Jr, he pulls his group forward and does his best with his singing.

This is my first musical as the starring role. In total there are about 23 songs, all of them are new. I've been having a little bit of a hard time because there are quite a few solo parts. Since I feel exhausted after we've finished the reading rehearsals, I think that I'd like to do muscle training to build up my physical strength some more. I have thought about making a training menu and plans with SnowMan's muscle master, Iwamoto Hikaru.
Every time before coming to work, because I train naked (upper body only) and work on my muscles, I will definitely catch a cold at some point (LOL).
I have never experienced doing a love story before, and it's also the first time that I have sang with a woman.
I've actually heard that my co-star Noujo Ami is very reliable and is a really interesting person so I would like to ask for help with various things. Even though I am not the type to lead and pull, I want to create an atmosphere that's easy for everyone to keep going and to keep on enjoying it.

I also got a fresh new experience with 'Shounentachi'. Also at the first time preview, there were productions and unique scenes created by Johnny-san. Actually the timing when the singing occurs is peculiar. I think that this work is no longer a "Johnny's musical movie". It is unique.

The existence of songs is a really big part of me. I've been doing YouTube since last year, little by little we have become known to more people, but I want to become bigger, to let the world know the name 'SixTONES' I want to contribute my singing. I feel that with this once in a lifetime chance I am starting to get a little more greedy!


Group picture:
Taken at a magazine shoot. Recently I'm grateful that we have been able to do shoots for different genres of magazines. Even now it's a world view that I haven't seen before, so I'm really happy.

Totsuka(shota) was holding a birthday party for Yabu(Kota) and told me to come along, so we went to Karaoke. At Karaoke, I held a cake with Yabu's name written on it and appeared suddenly. Because the three of us love Mr children, we spent the night continuously singing Mr childrens song 「縛り」(shibari) LOL.

Most loved item:
About one year ago Iwamoto Hikaru (SnowMan) gave me this pouch for my birthday. It's easy to use so I often put hand cream, milky lotions and nail clippers inside of it.

Private 2:
For the first performance of Kabuki Zero (SnowMan's show), me, Miyachika(Kaito) and Shimekake went to see it together. After that we bought tempura as a souvenir and then went home.

四銃士 - Yonjuushi Arrived.

I haven't posted to this journal in a while, I guess I should try to update it and learn how to use livejournal ww
I don't know if I should keep on this journal or move on to my other one [ Tegoxshi ] because thats my URL everywhere else ww
I use this mainly to take part in the communities..
However: ...
Today Yonjuushi arrived!
My favourite song is the ballad Eien, though Anthem is close drawn with it.
Which one is your favourite?

Favourite song on Yonjuushi dvd single?


Happy Birthday Tegoshi Yuya


Happy Birthday Yuya Tegoshi !!


Happy 27th birthday to you Tesshi, I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am that I can celebrate this together with you and all the other Chankapana’s!! Have a great day and may all your wishes and dreams continue to come true for all the years to come~!

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