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Doujinshi sales post - Rinharu - D18 + more

♥ Hello ! ♥
I've got two months to save up for a concert in Japan that I've been dreaming of going to for nearly 9years, and a chance has finally popped up. Since I'm no longer in to anime as much as I used to be, I've decided to let some of my things go. Please take a look!!
This is an urgent sale, so serious buyers only please. It's okay to enquire about things but I won't hold items more than 4 days, unless you are certain you will buy them.

If you're interested in something or simply want to enquire. Please send me a message! or contact me on twitter @tegoxshi

♥ Location: England ( UK )
♥ Payment method: Paypal only ^^ I don't do meet ups for safety reasons. All prices are in GBP and to be sent this way. please convert to your own currency.
♥ Shipping: I'm willing to ship world wide as I really need these things gone.
♥ I am WILLING to accept " To the nearest offer " so if something isn't to your liking, feel free to ask. It can't harm. However, please be reasonable, I have every right to refuse them ^^
♥ Please note Shipping and Paypal Fee are NOT included in the price.

Doujinshi -  Please note that some of these are rated 18+ and I will not be selling these to minors. Please expect me to be asking for proof of your age, if you purchase one with an 18 rating. I do not want to get in to trouble

** Discounts are available and offered for bigger orders !!


Picture #1
£5 each
Top row:
- D18: The world continues even though the summer ends
- D18: R18
- D18: Dog & cat
- D18: Vamp Hibari
Bottom row:
- D18: Spindle Spike R18
- D18: Neko Hibari R18
- D18 Scelga

Picture #2
Individually priced
Top row:
- D18: Lion Punch’s Neko, Lamb & Wolf - £5
- D18: Lion Punch’s Io lo bramo R18 - £7
- D18: Lion Punch’s Piccolo - £8
- D18: Lion Punch’s Piccolo 1.5 R18 - £7
Bottom row:
- D18: Lion Punch’s Antidolorifico R18 - £7
- D18: Lion Punch’s Interval R18 - £7
- D18: Lion Punch’s Io e te R18 - £7

Picture #3
£5 each
Top row:
- D18: Cat Navigate R18
- D18: Halloween DJ ft. CavAla
- Hibari x Tsuna: Pure R18
- Gokudera x Tsuna:
Bottom row:
- Hibari x Tsuna: R18
- RinHaru: R18
- RinHaru: Scarlet

Picture #4
Individually priced
- D18: Lion Punch’s Rigenerare (collection of 8 stories) R18 - £15
- D18: Lion Punch’s Memoria (collection of 6 stories) R18 - £12
- D18: Lion Punch’s Dramma fella vendetta R18 - £8
- D18: Lion Punch R18 - £7

Picture #5
£3 each
Top row:
- D18: SumaRE:02
- D18
- D18: R18
Bottom row:
- D18: Hibari’s Summer
- D18: Teacher Dino R18

& More to be added, Please visit my Sales post here for other anime items ^o^
Thank you!!
- Lotti
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