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♥ Hello ! ♥
I've got two months to save up for a concert in Japan that I've been dreaming of going to for nearly 9years, and a chance has finally popped up. Since I'm no longer in to anime as much as I used to be, I've decided to let some of my things go. Please take a look!!
This is an urgent sale, so serious buyers only please. It's okay to enquire about things but I won't hold items more than 4 days, unless you are certain you will buy them.

If you're interested in something or simply want to enquire. Please send me a message! or contact me on twitter @tegoxshi

♥ Location: England ( UK )
♥ Payment method: Paypal only ^^ I don't do meet ups for safety reasons. All prices are in GBP and to be sent this way. please convert to your own currency.
♥ Shipping: I'm willing to ship world wide as I really need these things gone.
♥ I am WILLING to accept " To the nearest offer " so if something isn't to your liking, feel free to ask. It can't harm. However, please be reasonable, I have every right to refuse them ^^
♥ Please note Shipping and Paypal Fee are NOT included in the price.

Doujinshi -  Please note that some of these are rated 18+ and I will not be selling these to minors. Please expect me to be asking for proof of your age, if you purchase one with an 18 rating. I do not want to get in to trouble

** Discounts are available and offered for bigger orders !!


Picture #1
£5 each
Top row:
- D18: The world continues even though the summer ends
- D18: R18
- D18: Dog & cat
- D18: Vamp Hibari
Bottom row:
- D18: Spindle Spike R18
- D18: Neko Hibari R18
- D18 Scelga

Picture #2
Individually priced
Top row:
- D18: Lion Punch’s Neko, Lamb & Wolf - £5
- D18: Lion Punch’s Io lo bramo R18 - £7
- D18: Lion Punch’s Piccolo - £8
- D18: Lion Punch’s Piccolo 1.5 R18 - £7
Bottom row:
- D18: Lion Punch’s Antidolorifico R18 - £7
- D18: Lion Punch’s Interval R18 - £7
- D18: Lion Punch’s Io e te R18 - £7

Picture #3
£5 each
Top row:
- D18: Cat Navigate R18
- D18: Halloween DJ ft. CavAla
- Hibari x Tsuna: Pure R18
- Gokudera x Tsuna:
Bottom row:
- Hibari x Tsuna: R18
- RinHaru: R18
- RinHaru: Scarlet

Picture #4
Individually priced
- D18: Lion Punch’s Rigenerare (collection of 8 stories) R18 - £15
- D18: Lion Punch’s Memoria (collection of 6 stories) R18 - £12
- D18: Lion Punch’s Dramma fella vendetta R18 - £8
- D18: Lion Punch R18 - £7

Picture #5
£3 each
Top row:
- D18: SumaRE:02
- D18
- D18: R18
Bottom row:
- D18: Hibari’s Summer
- D18: Teacher Dino R18

& More to be added, Please visit my Sales post here for other anime items ^o^
Thank you!!
- Lotti
Hello guys, I have 2months to save up £500 so I can finally see my favourite band NEWS ;;
Please help me out by sharing this post if you can!
I'm also opening commissions up on tumblr here for £5 per portrait + background of your choice! >> " edit add link later "

I'm new to selling things, so I don't have feedback yet. However if you have any questions or any worries, I can assure you I will answer and provide more picture for you, write my name or anything to ensure that the items are here with me. I'll put all the conditions and state of the items in the description too.
Thank you for taking a look ^^.

  1. Shipping and paypal fee are NOT included

  2. I ship world wide, but as some of the items are pretty heavy, expect around £8-£13

  3. I will need to buy materials to package the items too

  4. All prices are in £ ( GBP ), I accept nearest offers, feel free to bargain but please do be reasonable ^^

  5. I am located in the UK though I don't do meet ups for safety reasons ^^ I hope you understand.

Thats everything. You can contact me through message here, a comment below or at my twitter >> @tegoxshi
More items to be added

Cosplay and anime items.

Ciel Phantomhive - Robin Ballgown dress.  £50 Or nearest offer.
Includes: 1x pink dress, 1x white dress skirt, 1x ribbon, 1x choker, 1xhat
Condition: Good with minor faults.  Worn 3times
Size: UK 8-10, though it has a corset on the back so could fit up to a UK 12.  I am 5'2 and the dress is a little too long for me so the bottom of the skirt touches the floor.
Faults: stain on the top dress section, pin holes from the ribbon, the bottom of the white dress is frayed a little and slightly dirty where it has been trailed across the floor.
Notes: I did buy this for £100 about 6 years ago, though because of the minor faults, I'm putting it at half price, though I will accept a nearest offer too, please do be reasonable.
[Ciel dress pictures]


[Items for sale]
Naruto character headband - £5
Condition: Great.  - Worn once, 8 years ago.
Naruto headband pictureCollapse )
Ciel phantomhive in wonderland x Bunny Sebastian figure - £20 or nearest offer
Made by: Grandma thunderpants.
Edition: The first ciel in wonderland clay model made by her.  bought for £37
Condition: Excellent. -  a little dulling on the clay.
Note: DS game isn't included, that is just to show the size.
Ciel figure picturesCollapse )

Ds Games

Tales of the abyss 3DS game - £20
Pokemon blue rescue team DS game - £10 or nearest offer
Nintendogs + cats 3DS game - £10 ON HOLD
Naruto ninja destiny game - £10 or nearest offer
** please note the 3DS isn't included, that's just there to show they work.
Nagisa Hazuki - Free! Bitter chocolate Taito figure. - £25 or nearest offer. Bought for £35
** clearfile and print not included.
** only taken out of the box once to see what it looked like.
*** In original box and packaging, excellent condition. box has small scuffs on the corner. and a little on the handle.
Screenshot 2016-03-28 at 13.03.50
Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Small figure - £5 - No box
Uta no prince sama, CAMUS Kuji bracelet from the gatcha machines in shibuya. - £2  ** still in plastic wrap and gatcha ball.
Uta no prince sama Piyo chan character figure KING Version. - £8 ** with original box, excellent condition.
Bizenghast manga volumes 1 - 4.  - £3 each, all four for £10 SOLD

[Jpop items for sale]
LOL DEBUT SINGLE - FIRE  first press poster. £5
No pinholes, stored in excellent condition.


Johnnys Entertainment Items JECollapse )
26th-Nov-2015 01:04 pm - 四銃士 - Yonjuushi Arrived.
I haven't posted to this journal in a while, I guess I should try to update it and learn how to use livejournal ww
I don't know if I should keep on this journal or move on to my other one [ Tegoxshi ] because thats my URL everywhere else ww
I use this mainly to take part in the communities..
However: ...
Today Yonjuushi arrived!
My favourite song is the ballad Eien, though Anthem is close drawn with it.
Which one is your favourite?

Favourite song on Yonjuushi dvd single?

10th-Nov-2014 05:37 pm - Happy Birthday Tegoshi Yuya

Happy Birthday Yuya Tegoshi !!


Happy 27th birthday to you Tesshi, I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am that I can celebrate this together with you and all the other Chankapana’s!! Have a great day and may all your wishes and dreams continue to come true for all the years to come~!

Birthday edits under hereCollapse )
22nd-Oct-2014 11:31 am - Feeback Form
I've decided to set up a feedback page on here as I buy a lot, so I know what is expected as a seller and as a buyer. ^^ Please could you fill this form in and include:

- How was I towards you, Polite?
- Would you do business with me again?
- If you've bought something from me, how fast did it get there / condition?
- What I can improve, if anything?

Feedback as a seller*:
Positive: 3
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Feedback as a buyer**:
Positive: 0
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Thank you!

* I have currently sold things on my facebook, but I'm going to use live journal if I need to at some point.
** I have bought a lot from livejournal and have always being polite and kind to people, however as this feedback page is new, I currently have nothing to show for it ^^ ~!
7th-Aug-2014 09:53 pm - JE game is strong today
Today's been a rather amazing day.
- My NEWS shirt arrived
- The NEWS PV of Seven colours came out
- I ordered my Yuya Uchiwa <33
- My Yamapi Dvd + CD Is shipped out
Pictures belowCollapse )
A little something that I drew for Massu's birthday ; w ;- NekoChuudoku! & Peekaboo !


Thank you for being here and inspiring a lot of people. For being the biggest dork and angel ever thats full of none stop facts, fashion ideas and apparently have interesting socks on mirai rocket.
Thank you for singing, for being in the groups NEWS and TEGOMASS, but most of all being yourself!!

I can't praise you enough, for your never ending courage. Though at times, when you're scared of heights and animals, yet you still give it your best shot! { for example 'flying' at the concerts } I hope you can have the best in life!!!
♪( ´▽`) Happy Birthday!!
11th-Jun-2014 11:27 am - NEWS - ONE FOR THE WIN
So I pre-ordered my NEWS CD and it arrived today!!
I'm sorry that the pictures are not the best as they're taken from my phone, but I love it to bits!

Personally my favourite song from the album is Seven colours. It's such an upbeat and catchy song, that really can lift your spirits from the very first second it starts. Of course their remix to world quest is something very different that I love to hear from NEWS, specially the violin at the start of it. Really gives it a nice feel.
I'm so proud of them for this new single and the album itself. The outfit designs and everything ,really compliment it all.

Pictures are under the cutCollapse )
23rd-Apr-2014 12:25 pm - Welcome To My Page
Hey heyy!!,
I thought it was about time I posted and entry here... I can honestly say I have no idea how to work Live Journal ; w ; I joined because I found they're other
NEWS fans here.
That makes me really happy to hear!! ~

You can Find me on Tumblr here; tegoxshi

Welcome to my page:
I'm Lotti pleased to meet you all!
I'm 18 and from the land of tea ~ that is known as England.

|Tegoshi Yuya | NewS | TEGOMASS | NEWS { forever and always I shall love them }| Kato Shigeaki | Masuda Takahisa | Koyama Keiichiro | Airi Suzuki | Buono | C-ute | Heidi. | Anime | Manga | |Magi |Uta no prince sama | Noragami | Tsuritama | Free! | |Chocolate Milk | Strawberry shortcake | Sushi | |Odottemita | Roleplaying | |Utattemita | SHINee | SNSD | Seiyuu's |

I'm part of a dance group called Seiza and enjoying roleplaying on tumblr ;;
um.. what else to say. Oh yeah

Tegoshi Yuya Is my Bias~ I love his motivation and never ending spirit to do his best and never given up, even when the times get rough. ---

I hope I can make friends here too!! - thank you xD <3

I'm looking for
-NEWS 2012 Live Tour Jumbo Uchiwa { Tegoshi }
-Tegoshi Uchiwa I really want these ...
-NEWS Cd's

// Idk when I can buy but, if you can post the links and if I have enough then I'll take them! ~
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